There are many things we do every day that are actually illegal. Some of us have no idea about these laws; some know about them but don't believe they will ever be caught red-handed. Bright Side decided to open your eyes to some of these things. Maybe now you'll change the way you act.

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Aug 23, 2018 · This one's a bit more serious than most of the illegal things on the list so far, in that it can actually get people killed. But many of us are still getting over the habit of checking our texts or chatting on the phone while we're behind the wheel. 10. Oral sex is illegal. Okay, so we know that sodomy is illegal, and sadly, in a hetero-normative society like India, most blink twice over it, but did you know that under Section 377 of the IPC , which decriminalizes ‘unnatural sex’, oral sex is illegal too? Yep, think of that next time you want to ‘please’ your partner.