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Only two proxy protocols are common. These are HTTP(s) and Socks5 proxies. Each is created to work with different purposes, but which one should you use and which one is … SOCKS4 v/s SOCKS5 proxy servers comparision| buy socks The SOCKS shopper can initiate an association to a SOCKS server. The SOCKS protocol permits for authentication and work of the association requests. There are 2 types of SOCKS4 and SOCKS5. the quantity four and five refers to the version of SOCKS protocol. These two versions are the foremost fashionable and have become wide unfold every was the Proxies: HTTP, SOCKS4 & SOCKS5 - What's the difference Hasn't SOCKS5 been around for ages and pretty much the standard today? I think SOCKS5 has authentication which is why many providers like it (since they provide you with a login/password) and I don't think SOCKS4 supports DNS (I can't remember, long time since I studied how SOCKS4/SOCKS5 …

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SOCKS5 transfers data via TCP connection and UDP, which enables it not to use some protocols. They can perform authentication of a server and client, SOCKS4 can’t. SOCKS5 is capable of processing network addresses via IPv6. SOCKS4a, unlike SOCKS4, allows the proxy client to specify a destination domain name rather than an IP address. back to

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Jan 17, 2019 SOCKS4a or SOCKS5 : TOR In your Tor logs or Vidalia panel there will be warning messages that say this: "Your application (using socks4/5 on port %d) is giving Tor only an IP address. Applications that do DNS resolves themselves may leak information. Consider using Socks4A (e.g. via privoxy or socat) instead. For more information, please see Socks and DNS. What is the difference between a SOCKS proxy and an HTTP May 04, 2012