ARP poisoning/spoofing: How to detect & prevent it

Arp-scan Arp-scan is a commandline utility for linux that can be used to scan the network of a certain interface for alive hosts. It shows the ip address and mac addresses of all the hosts/nodes found. Project website Install on ubuntu $ sudo apt-get install arp-scan The documentation can be found at Usage Quick example Read More » LEDE/OpenWRT — Using arp-scan. The command arp-scan allows Aug 31, 2016 ARP spoofing - Wikipedia ARP vulnerabilities. The Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a widely used communications protocol for resolving Internet layer addresses into link layer addresses.. When an Internet Protocol (IP) datagram is sent from one host to another in a local area network, the destination IP address must be resolved to a MAC address for transmission via the data link layer.

ARP poisoning is very effective against both wireless and wired local networks. By triggering an ARP poisoning attack, hackers can steal sensitive data from the targeted computers, eavesdrop by means of man-in-the-middle techniques, and cause a denial of service on the targeted computer.

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Tutorial on ARP - Command-Line Tool to View and Manage

What is address resolution protocol (ARP) and how does it